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FETOLIA silk scarf

Luxury silk scarves of premium quality

FETOLIA is here to revolutionize fashion designer scarves for women with its unique proposition of exclusive, top quality scarves for all occasions. Cherishing the individual personality of women, FETOLIA’s printed scarves manifest the unique spirit and true character of the woman who wears it.

Made in Italy from pure silk, finely rolled hand finished edges and with immaculate attention to every single detail, our luxury silk scarves are exclusive designs inspired by history, nature and ethnic influences. Produced in limited editions, FETOLIA’s scarves not only adapt to the personal style of the woman that wears it but also leverage the one and only “she”. Our artists, designers and commercial teams produce new ideas on a frequent basis all working towards the same goal: to give a dazzling, unique brush to your style through the perfect handcrafted fashion accessory.

Luxury Silk Scarves

~ Be part of FETOLIA’s mindset & relish our exquisite designs the way you prefer: wear them, frame and hang them on your wall or gift them to the special ladies in your life ~

Our Collection

Our collections are well structured, complete and flexible thus facilitating endless combinations for all ages and times of the day. Silk scarves for head and hair, big and small sizes to be worn as a neckerchief, hand band or a back wrap, our printed scarves are the best match to any day or night outfit.

Calling out to all people who have the same amount of space in their lives for fashion, books, music and travel, those sophisticated individuals with high quality standards and the urge for exploring themselves and the world around them.

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FETOLIA silk scarf

Colourful Printed Scarves for All Occasions

Featuring perfectly curated, handmade designs, our luxury silk scarves are pure art pieces where patterns and colours blend in a surprising way to produce an exquisite aesthetic result: unexpected matching of purple, red and yellow, refreshing tones of mint, light blue and petrol, natural earthy tones of orange, pink and green, all-time classic black n’ white patterns and the must-have beige, grey and gold hues that blend within a magical parade of scenes, symbols and notions.

High-end creative work, eco-friendly print, skilful craft and textile material produced by a certified ethical process have come across in FETOLIA’s brand concept: the art of scarf. Our timeless collection includes pieces that can be worn by ladies of all ages, even young girls, throughout the year. Light and vibrant colours for the summer season; dark, warm tones for the winter; square scarves for the neck or as headbands; larger scarves to be worn out of your coat or jacket, as a headscarf or around the back, FETOLIA’s printed scarves are an excellent replacement for all other accessories!

Corporate Gifts

Love FETOLIA’s scarves and want to offer them as corporate gifts? We can make it happen! Add your logo and/or message on your branded scarves with a special production order.

We are flexible in terms of minimum quantities and pricelists to ensure that FETOLIA’s premium quality and unique handmade designs will be cherished in the business world too!

Plus, we can help airlines, cruise lines, restaurants and any commercial company that needs to add to its corporate attire or uniforms a bit of FETOLIA’s magic! 


Luxurious silk scarves for head & hair

Our collection of luxury silk scarves boasts state-of-the-art designs that incorporate multicolor patterns, diversified symbols and a source of inspiration with references to historic landmarks, parts of nature’s flora and fauna and icons of almost-forgotten ethnic cultures. Printed scarves with leopard patterns, hidden emblems, iconic human or animal figures, abstract design elements and an infinite colour palette with surprising combinations!

They come in various dimensions and they can be worn in multiple ways depending on your outfit, taste and occasion. Wrap them around your back, hang them on your handbag, wear them as a neckerchief or a headscarf, replace your hand bracelet with a scarf hand band or use them to give a cute hint to your ponytail. Combinations are endless as long as your imagination is alive!
Select the design and colour palette that fits your style and create beautiful details that will accent your individuality and your outfit.


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